contemporary ballet company co-founded in 2016 by artistic directors Amy Saunder, Jordan Miller and Tiffany Mangulabnan, three dancer-creators who hail from Zimbabwe, the US and the Philippines, and who come together (converge) in the name of creating art in New York City.

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Jordan Miller, Tiffany Mangulabnan, Amy Saunder. Photo by Sergio Carrasco.

our mission

konverjdans is dedicated to celebrating the convergence of different art forms, backgrounds, and experiences by always creating dance in collaboration with other artists - musicians, visual artists, photographers, filmmakers, and others; to always performing with live music, highlighting the importance of musical collaboration in dance; and to performing in a wide variety of spaces, making dance accessible to diverse audiences. konverjdans hopes eventually to conduct outreach programs in the directors' home countries of the United States, Zimbabwe and the Philippines.

konverjdans was a Selected Choreographer at the 2018 Women in Dance Leadership Conference in New York City; has been presented several times by Norte Maar; and has been an invited guest company/collaborator at Ballet Vero Beach in Florida.

konverjdans has presented work at venues all around New York, such as Danspace Project, Mark Morris Dance Center, Gibney Dance Center, The Actors Fund Arts Center, Socrates Sculpture Park, JOHN DOE Gallery, The UNRULY Collective ArtHouse, The Muse Brooklyn, JACK Brooklyn, Lovecraft NYC, Bizarre BushwickThe Paperbox NYC, and others. The company has also toured to Fort Wayne, Indiana, and performed at the PPG ArtsLab.

konverjdans is fiscally sponsored by Norte Maar - a 501c(3) organization founded in 2004 that creates, promotes and presents collaborations among the visual, literary and performing arts - and is able to receive fully tax-deductible donations through Norte Maar here —> DONATE

our story

We're a company of three women - dancers, creators, artists, and friends - who hail from separate parts of the globe and come together (converge) in the hope of creating something meaningful out of our passions, as so many dreaming people do in New York City.

Our convergence, first as dancers, and ultimately as friends and co-creators; our mutual passions for cross-collaboration with artists of various fields; our commitment to thoughtful dancing and meaningful choreography; and the rare symbiosis and kinship among us, onstage as well as in life (a gift that we are continuously and happily discovering) - all this has laid the foundation for the building of konverjdans.

But to say that we three alone embody the soul of this growing company is to grossly disregard the collaborative spirit behind everything we have done and yet hope to do. There is no work without our collaborations - without the musicians, filmmakers, painters, sculptors, and other dancers and choreographers with whom we are forming inspiring artistic relationships (friendships, really), and whose original work, ideas and visions to us are paramount and invaluable.

While we will always have our classical ballet roots in the various companies we've danced with over the years (New York City Ballet, Suzanne Farrell Ballet, Pennsylvania Ballet, Aspen Santa Fe Ballet, BalletNext, Philippine Ballet Theatre, North Carolina Dance Theatre, Richmond Ballet, Eugene Ballet), we are also independent contemporary dancers: flinging ourselves into various projects (often concurrently, and often together) with other contemporary ballet choreographers in New York and elsewhere in the US, constantly needing to feed our mutual desires to absorb a diversity of artistic thoughts and ideas, and to challenge our minds and bodies.

And in a way, konverjdans is just another venture we're throwing ourselves into for that very purpose: it's a space for us to test and hone our own abilities as choreographers and directors; to conduct open dialogues between artists of various fields, creating new work in dance, music, visual art, and film all at once; and to create new and rich experiences we hope to share with diverse audiences, with our patrons, friends and collaborators, with our home countries, and with each other.

We invite you to join the collaboration and follow our process on Patreon; check out our upcoming events, and follow us along our journey on Facebook and Instagram!