jordan miller

Jordan Miller photographed by Sergio Carrasco

the facts

Jordan Miller, originally from Indiana, trained at the New American Youth Ballet and Conservatory. She moved to New York City when she was 16 to study at the School of American Ballet, and after two years began performing as an apprentice with the New York City Ballet. She trained in Pilates under her mentor Marimba Gold-Watts and went on to receive her own Comprehensive Mat Certification from the Kane School of Core Integration in 2015. She has been teaching Pilates throughout the city ever since. As a freelance dancer, she has performed with The Ashley Bouder Project, Claudia Schreier & Company, Pennsylvania Ballet, Aspen Santa Fe BalletBalletNext, Gleich Dances, and Brookoff Dance Repertory Ensemble. She co-founded konverjdans with Tiffany Mangulabnan and Amy Saunder in 2016, and choreographed ‘Cetacean Shadow’ for the company, in collaboration with musicians from Fort Wayne, in 2018.

the story

October 2016

Jordan Miller photographed by Sergio Carrasco

Dance is what I do; to an extent, it’s who I am. I’ve spent my entire life pursuing a career in ballet and have somehow pulled it off, establishing myself as a professional dancer in New York City. I grew up in Indiana, raised by an artist and the most driven, selfless goofball there is. I fell in love with ballet at the New American Youth Ballet and Conservatory where I trained with Beth McLeish and Kevin Grant. After a life-altering summer at the School of American Ballet, I was asked to attend the Winter Term and made the choice to move to New York at the age of 16. I’ve been living here ever since! After training at the school for two years, finding guidance and knowledge in the renowned instructors Suki Schorer, Suzy Pilarre, Kay Mazo and Arch Higgins, I was asked to join the New York City Ballet as an Apprentice. It was an incredible moment, to realize the dream of dancing with a company like the New York City Ballet and to have spent a year and a half performing in the heart of Lincoln Center.

Almost two years later, I find myself in the throes of the New York freelance scene; I’ve had opportunities to dance with the Pennsylvania Ballet, BalletNext, and soon Aspen Santa Fe Ballet. I’ve worked with choreographers Matthew Brookoff, Brian Reeder, Michele Wiles, and Laura Hydak. I’ve been able to travel the world and met some pretty incredible artists along the way, including my closest friends and co-creators Amy and Tiffany. All of this experience, professional and personal, is suddenly compounding into this burst of inspiration, of motivation, to create something out of this thing I do. After a lot of searching, I feel I can finally expand beyond my idea of perfectionism (that I’ve clung to for far too long) and become a bigger, more whole version of myself, with a little help from my friends. No longer as “I” but as “we.” We can make statements, We can make art, We can use our medium as a voice and have conversations with other artists in this space we’ve created together. I couldn’t be more grateful to have dance and art in my life at a moment that feels so pivotal. - J